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February 14, 2006


CALL TO ORDER:  The meeting was called to order at 2:30 P.M.                             


PRESENT:  Ken Llacera, Diana Schillings, Joyce Martin, Jerry Goodell.  Virginia Le Roy, Elena Laborde-Bishop, Barbara Shepardson   ABSENT:  Sam Badawi


APPROVAL OF MINUTES FROM January 10, 2006.  Diana Schillings moved and Jerry Goodell seconded that the minutes of January 10th be approved as distributed.




FINANCIAL REPORT:   Wayne Boss distributed the financial reports prepared by Sam Badawi.  The reports were reviewed and after a motion were accepted as presented.  In Sam’s absence the Investment Committee’s report was tabled.


OLD BUSINESS:  The proposed 299er sectional was discussed.   After review of the available dates, the projected attendance and the estimated costs, it was the consensus of the Board that we should table this project.  It would be a lot of work; there is no reasonable assurance that we would have enough tables to cover our costs and there is no one to chair the project.  It was moved, seconded and approved to table the plans for a 299er sectional this year.




Membership Survey – Ken Llacera reported that there was 80 surveys returned; this is an excellent percentage.  The member’s responses and comments gave us a lot of good ideas for improving attendance at the club.  The Board discussed and approved the reestablishment of a Free Play Policy for new and returning players.  The Board will meet on February 27th with the game directors to develop an Action Plan.  The Action Plan and the survey results will be reported to the members.


Request to Use Facility – The Board reviewed and approved a request by Jim Slinger to luse the Bridge Center for a twelve-week series of Bridge lessons.  The game directors had already approved the proposal.




Sectional – The Fall sectional was discussed.  A flyer, prepared by Diana Schilling, was approved and will be distributed to area clubs, as well as at sectional and regional tournaments.  The Board also approved the proposed schedule of the games at the sectional.  The Co=Chairs, Diana Schilling and Barbara Shepardson, are pursuing other details for the sectional.


Hospitality – Hospitality for the unit games wa discussed.  Each Board Member volunteered to be responsible for one month.  The December’s Unit Game will be a potluck this year.


Web Site - Ken Llacera has been working on our Web Site; he has updated and improved it greatly.  It is Ken’s goal, which was agreed to by the Board, that the website become a focal point for Unit Members and attract new bridge players to the Center.  Ken is working on other long term and short


NEXT BOARD MEETING:  March 14, 2006  





Respectfully submitted




Virginia Le Roy, Secretary