June  13, 2006


CALL TO ORDER:  The meeting was called to order by President, Wayne Boss, at 2:30P.M.


PRESENT:  Joyce Martin, Ken Llacera, Sam Badawi, Jerry Goodell, Diana Schilling, Barbara Shepardson, Virginia Le Roy and Wayne Boss.



APPROVAL OF MINUTES FROM  May 7, 2006.  The minutes were approved as presented by Barbara Shepardson for Virginia Le Roy




Old Business

     299er Sectional

     All arrangements have been made for the July 8 and 9 Sectional.  Bill McIntosh and Nancy   

     Wainer  will be the directors for Saturday.  Bill McIntosh and Mark Hasey will be the directors     

     For Sunday.


     Nancy Wainer will give a $1.00 discount for each session that her beginners play.


     Barbara will put up outside signs to direct players.  Sam will take down the signs.


     Ken is working on the printer to get it to work with our new computer programs.


     A review of accomplishments to our Master Plan shows:  The refrigerator for the drinks is in

     Place, Badge sign ups has 42 names on it.  The Free Play needs to have more accurate records        

     and Sam needs a once a month request for reimbursements by the Directors. 


New Business

     Facilities.  The windows have been cleaned.  The Water Filter needs to be changed.  The board

     Voted to eliminate this to save $150.00 per year.  The entry way rug needs to be replaced.  The

     Bathroom maintenance crew should fill the soap containers each time they clean.  The Parking           

     Lot needs to have the striping repainted.


     Board Election Process.  The replacements need to be in place by September.  We will need 4   

     Replacements.  It was moved and seconded to move our August meeting to the 3rd Tuesday of the

     Month.  This will be August 15.      


     Golden Age Master Program.  This would award recognition to those with 300 points who are

     Over 70 and those with 100 points who are over 80.  It was moved and seconded to not pursue this

     Because age can be a sensitive topic.  Passed.


Committee Reports

     Web Site.  The Hall of Fame is up showing Life Masters


     Sectional in October.  We will start distributing flyers for the October Sectional.


Next Meeting will be July 11, 2006.  The meeting was adjourned at 3:35 P.M.


Respectively Submitted,  Virginia Le Roy Secretary