OF SANTA CRUZ COUNTY, UNIT 550, INC.             

                                                                    November 14, 2006


CALL TO ORDER:  Called to order at 2:20 P.M.


PRESENT:  Jerry Goodell, Joyce Martin, Diana Schilling, Nancy Driscoll, Sam Badawi, Barbara Shepardson, Wayne Boss  and Virginia Le Roy


APPROVAL OF MINUTES FROM  October 10, 2006:  The motion was made, seconded and approved to accept the minutes as written.


OLD BUSINESS:  The 299er sectional.  Nancy Driscoll will manage the 299er Sectional which will be held March 24 – 25.    It will be held at the Simpkins Swim Center on 17th avenue.  They are donating the space providing we acknowledge them in our advertising.  Wayne has prepared a flyer for this tournament.


Directors and Officers Insurance:   We will be covered by the blanket policy that will be provided by ACBL.  There will be no charge to our club.  It was moved, seconded and passed to terminate our existing policy and go with the ACBL policy.


Domain Name:  We must be sure to advertise the Domain Name for our club.  This will be due April 22, 2007 and will cost $30 for the year.  We must make sure to get this done on time.



FINANCIAL REPORT:  Sam Badawi presented the Treasurer’s report.  It was moved, 2nd and approved.




Hospitality:  There will be a pot luck luncheon between the Unit Games December 9th.  The club will provide a Pork Roast and the members will bring the rest.  The games will be at 9:30 and 1:15.


Sectional:  We must discuss this.  October has been suggested as the time.  We lost money on the last sectional so we must find a way to cut some costs. 




Wayne Boss turned in his Resignation as President of  Unit 550.  There was a motion, 2nd and a unamious vote to elect Ken Llacera to be the new president.


Lease:  It was moved, 2nd and passed to renew our lease for 5 years.  The rent will go up 12%.  This must be done by 12-15-06.  Sam will take care of this.


The meeting was adjourned at 3:25P.M.


Respectfully submitted, 


Virginia LeRoy, Secretary.