August 8, 2007



CALL TO ORDER:  The meeting was called to order by president Ken Llacera at 3:40pm at the Santa Cruz Bridge Center. 


PRESENT:  Lois Henry, Ken Llacera, Carol Maggipinto, Joyce Martin, Charlie Pender, Mary Peterson, Diana Schilling, Don Seldeen, Nancy Wainer.  ABSENT: Elena Laborde-Bishop, Barbara Shepardson


APPROVAL OF MINUTES:  Minutes of the July 11, 2007 board meeting were approved as corrected.



Surf’s Up Sectional  - October 13-14. Dick will mail flyers to other clubs in August. Charlie Pender will transport club tables the Friday before. Robin will supply caddies.

Sign-ups for setup and take down are posted.


Rising Stars 299er Sectional - March 8-9, Simpkins Swim Center. The room measures 40 x 58 ½’, adequate for 24 to 28 tables. Nancy Driscoll will co-chair with another person yet unnamed, who will accept phone call inquiries.



2008 Unit Elections – Carol Maggipinto, Phyllis Wasserstrom, & Ken Llacera recruited four nominees for the open positions. Nancy Driscoll, John Hadley, Hal Rodgers, & Don Seldeen accepted the nomination. A motion was approved for an additional position for the next two-year term if, and only if, a fifth person accepts the nomination, thereby expanding the Board to ten directors. A motion was approved to accept the five known candidates. Ballots must be completed by early September to go out with the Newsletter.

Ken will remain on the ballot as President. Lois Henry agreed to be Treasurer a full two-year term. Diana Schilling will finish out the current term as Secretary ending in December of this year.


SCBC Volunteer Day at NABC – Don Seldeen said volunteers would be assigned a category. He will post sign-ups for carpooling in Sept/Oct, and research logistics for Bart, and the train out of San Jose. 


Uneven Paving & Inadequate Rear Lighting- The owner replied to Ken’s letter (calling attention to the tripping hazard) refusing to improve the uneven pavement. We will continue to express concern. Ken will ask the gardener to trim the hedge to 4’. The club historically has no responsibility for trimming the hedge per past President Wayne Boss.


Expense Sharing Agreement – Elena will chair a group to revise the agreement.


Back Entry Improvements – Charlie will provide buckets, with sand for cigarette butts.


Club Improvement Fund – It was agreed to modify the skylight (slats to regulate winter sun), & to purchase a floor fan out of the $385.00 remaining in the fund. Charlie will keep construction costs below $150, and will locate a floor fan. 



Club Owner’s Meeting – Bernie Bertonis has given up Monday evening’s game and Bill McIntosh is the new owner. Nancy Wainer will inquire of Rita Tingley how we as a club can best honor Bernie. Mary requested that Nancy also consult remaining club owners about their preference for re-design of the “Directors” bulletin board in light of Bernie’s retirement. Mary will make any requested changes.


ACBL Charity designation by Unit 550 – It was agreed the “overall winner” of August’s Unit Game might designate a charity of their choice. Mary will inquire the winner and provide Ken with the charity of their choice ($144.00).


2008 District Elections – Information was received and will be addressed at the September board meeting.




Quicken and the budget turnover issues have been resolved. All accounts balance. In the future board members will receive copies at the meeting or by email.




Membership – Mary has requested birth dates for all Unit 550 players from ACBL in order to implement the Golden Age Master Award program approved at July’s board meeting. Mary will provide an update at September’s meeting. Awards will be presented at February’s Unit Game. Ru Grant’s Life Master plaque has been ordered.


Facilities – John Hadley is undertaking pumping out the kitchen grease trap, which is expected to come in under the $450-500 estimates Ken got from plumbing contractors. Charlie will meet with John to discuss a long-term solution including removing the trap or re-rerouting around it. 


Ken will meet with the roofing contractor, hired by the owner, to locate roof leaks.


Hospitality –November’s Unit game is “Director Appreciation Day”.  Mary reported that all Directors have been invited to be honored by the Board. Each Director will be offered a “Free Play,” courtesy of the board, to be used at any Unit Game of their choice.


Web – Ken is considering adding “how to” print the calendar directions to the website.


NEXT BOARD MEETING:  Wednesday, September 12, 2007, following noon game.


                                                                                    Respectfully submitted,


Diana Schilling