OF SANTA CRUZ COUNTY, UNIT 550, INC.             

                                                                     February 13, 2007



CALL TO ORDER:  Called to order at 2:05 P.M.


PRESENT:  Ken Llacera, Joyce Martin,  Richard Wasserstrom, Mary Peterson, Vicki, Kuhlmann, Charlie Pender, Carol Maggipinto, Nancy Wainer,  and Virginia Le Roy


APPROVAL OF MINUTES FROM January 9, 2007:  The motion was made, seconded and approved to accept the minutes as written.



The plans for the “Surfs Up” Sectional are proceeding well.  The proposed dates are October 13, and 14th.  The exact dates will depend on the weekend chosen by Harbor High School for their Homecoming events.   Richard has a proposed flyer for this  sectional.  It was read and discussed and was accepted.  Barbara Shepardson will do the Hospitality.  Richard will request Nancy Boyd for one of the directors of this sectional.


“The Rising Star” 299er sectional was reported on by Mary Peterson for Nancy Driscoll.  This will be March 24 and 25.  Dolly Bass will handle hospitality.  Jim Slinger will give a lesson between the sessions.  Flyers, postcards and Invitations have been sent to the out-of-towners who attended last year.    Nancy has purchased trophies for the winners of the events.
The flyers are ready.    It will be held at the
Simpkins Family Swim Center on 17th Avenue in Santa Cruz.  They are donating the use of their facility at no charge.



The Club Owners will be increasing the table fees to $7.00.  They will use $300.00 of this increase to help with the increased rents for this next year.


It is recommended that we start talking to the owner soon to see if we can get a reduction in the rests for the next proposed increase. 


The Annual Report has been presented to the board.  It will be posted along with the minutes.



We have had a committee of volunteers to look at our finances and especially our investments of the Deloris Abram gift to the club.  The goals are to:

1.       Conserve Capitol as much as possible.

2.       Attempt to invest the capital with the intent to keep up with todays dollars.

Ken explained our current financial condition and the new projected plan for investment.  We would be changing our investments to Vanguard Funds.

Goals for 2007 have been set down as an attachment to the January agenda.


There was a motion, 2nd and passed to accept all of these goals. 


Director and Officers Insurance:

We are not liable per the new ACBL coverage, but there is some question if we have General Liability Insurance.  Vicki will review the policy and see what she can find. 


Event Calendar:

See Attachment to the Agenda.    There was a discussion about how many pot lucks we should have.  For now we will leave May for a Pot Luck and not December.


Club Improvement: 

A  committee consisting of Mary Peterson, Pam Benz, Donna Badawi, Charlie Pender and Nancy Driscoll have been working on cleaning up the club.  The bathrooms have both been painted and redecorated.  The club raised over $1,700 in donations.  They spent only $550, so they have more monies.   In addition, the Slingers,  Beniches and Badawi’s  donated items to help with the improvements.  Thank you all for everyone’s help.


Christmas decorations have been donated to the club by the Badawi’s, Beniches and Mary Peterson.    We have an inventory of these items (attached) and they are stored in the backroom of the kitchen.  Mary Peterson has cleaned out this room and organized it for us.


Mary Peterson will order Medallions for the recognition event in April at the Unit Game April 14th.


Ideas have been coming in to help get new members into our club.  On Thursday April 19th a committee has been organized to have a Spring Bridge Luncheon.  This will be a complimentary luncheon with a mini lunchon and 10-12 hands of bridge.   The committee is Muriel Prolo, Nancy Wainer, Mary Peterson, Dolly Bass, Debbie Goodell, and Peggy Kiefer. 




The 2007 Budget was passed out,  It was moved, 2nd and passed that we accept this Budget as proposed.


The January Financial Report was presented.  It was moved, 2nd and passed to accept these Financial reports. 





Mary Peterson asked if we should be contacting non renewing members.  The Board discussed it and feels it would be beneficial to contact them.  A motion was made, 2nd and passed to contact these individuals.


New Members:

Robin Evenden has 14 new members attending her beginning classe.  Thank you Robin.



Charlie is doing a great job repairing things around the club.  Mary went to the Club Owners and asked them what they thought should be repaired.  They gave her a list of items.



Bill McIntosh is planning an extended Knock  Out game for the unit game.  He is also looking at more lessons.


Next meeting will be Wednesday the 14th at 3:30P.M.


The meeting was adjourned at 4:00 P.M.


Respectfully submitted,


Virginia LeRoy, Secretary