June 13, 2007



CALL TO ORDER:  The meeting was called to order by president Ken Llacera at 3:30pm at the Santa Cruz Bridge Center. 


PRESENT:  Ken Llacera, Elena Laborde-Bishop, Nancy Driscoll, Lois Henry, Carol Maggipinto, Mary Peterson, Dick Wasserstrom, Charlie Pender, Diana Schilling, & Nancy Wainer.  ABSENT: Barbara Shepardson, Joyce Martin, Dick Wasserstrom (congratulations on 50th Wedding Anniversary Dick and Phyllis).


APPROVAL OF MINUTES:  Minutes of the May 9, 2007 board meeting were approved. Virginia LeRoy’s resignation is accepted and approved with regret. The board thanks Virginia for her efforts on behalf of the club. Diana Schilling is now a voting member of the board and Virginia LeRoy is no longer a voting member. Signatories on the checking account at Union Bank will now be the president, Ken Llacera and the treasurer, Lois Henry. Ken, Lois and Diana to complete signature requirements after this meeting.




Surf’s Up (Open) Sectional  - October 13 and 14 are confirmed. Dick will mail flyers to other area clubs in August. Mary Peterson will transport 300 flyers to Sacramento for Calvin who will take them to all tournaments leading up to the Surf’s Up Sectional. The corrected version of the flyer is to be uploaded to the website. Nancy Boyd is the Director, & Tom Quinlan the Second director: Dick has confirmed hotel rooms for both directors. Charlie Pender agreed to transport the club’s tables to the site the Friday before.


The Board approved 4 trophies donated by Mark Hasey for the Surf’s Up Sectional: one each for Stratified Open (total of two sessions), I/N (total of two sessions), Stratified Swiss, and 299 Stratified Swiss. The trophies are to reside at the club with the winners’ names engraved on them.


Rising Stars 299er Sectional - The 2008 Rising Stars 299er Sectional is sanctioned for  March 8-9. The Simpkins Swim Center has been reserved at no charge due to the intervention of Barry Samuel.  We must check to ensure the Swim Center has enough room for the largest session. Nancy reported the room measures at 40 x 58 ½’, adequate for 24 to 28 tables. We are to remain at this location for the time being.





SCBC Volunteer Day at NABC – Don Seldeen is chair for the Unit Volunteer Day at the nationals in San Francisco. Don will be attending board meetings to report on his committee. It is suggested that room reservations be made ASAP to ensure availability.


Parking Stripes – Ken reported that A & B Sweeping is unresponsive. Members expressed concern over safety of uneven pavement and inadequate lighting in the back. The club experienced one fall and several close calls. Ken will talk to the owner and report back to the committee.


Expense Sharing Agreement – Discussion of this agreement was deferred to the next meeting.  There was no discussion of this topic at the June meeting.





Board Meeting Time – it will remain on the 2nd Wednesday of each month.


Club Owner’s Meeting – It was called to Mary’s attention that our December 8 unit game will not fall during STAC week this year and silver points will not be awarded. It was agreed by the Board to schedule the unit game December 8, and remain at the club location. It was agreed that the Board would host a holiday meal for members at the December Unit Game, to be organized by Barbara Shepardson, with help from Dolly Bass and Mary Peterson.


Back Entry Improvements – Mary presented a proposal for a planter box and shade garden in the back area of the club, to be paid from Club Improvement Funds. This proposal included a new hose, nozzle, hose reel, planter box, soil & plants. Total cost of the proposal is approximately $300. There was general agreement to make these limited improvements. Charlie Pender suggested that more extensive improvements should be considered. Ken will consult with the landlord about our options.


Nancy Wainer to research the purchase of a more effective container to minimize odor and appearance of cigarette butts.


Other club improvement suggestions are a second oven in the kitchen and a floor fan.


99er Game – A new 99er game will be offered Thursday mornings beginning September 20, 2007. Nancy Driscoll will direct. A publicity flier is posted at the club. Nancy showed the board an informational letter she plans to send to prospective players in early August. She is forming a telephone committee to follow up after the letter is sent. 85 members on our database are candidates for this game


 Unit Game SanctionsKen will contact Joyce regarding Unit Game sanctions.







Ken presented the May Income/Expense Statement, the Budget versus Actual report, and the Net Worth YTD report.


Reporting “Unrealized Investment Gains:” The recommendation is to omit unrealized investment gains or losses on the Income/Expense statement. Rather, the Net Worth statement will reflect any unrealized investment gains or losses. On December 31, our Net Worth was $371,384.70; on May 31, our Net Worth was 372,362.41.


Reporting “Interest or Dividend Interest Earned:” The recommendation is to recognize as income interest or dividend interest when it is earned for the GNMA fund and the Money Market Fund.  For example, if Vanguard Group posts interest to the club’s Money Market Fund on April 30, but the check does not arrive at our bank until May 5, the Income/Expense statement will show that interest payment as income in April. 


A motion was submitted and approved to accept the above recommendations. 





Membership – Ken has given Mary all updates.

It was agreed to apply to the ACBL for Golden Age Masters for members 80 years of age, with 100 master points. Players will receive a certificate, a letter from ACBL, and a wallet card. There is no charge to the club. Presentation will be at a Unit Game to be designated before year-end. Nancy Wainer and Mary will research eligible players and report back to the Board for final approval at the July Board meeting.


Facilities – Charlie to propose changes to back entry pending results of Ken’s discussion with the owner and with Mary on the shade garden. All Board members agreed to refill the cold drinks refrigerator when needed. 


Hospitality – Ken is to contact Joyce Martin to confirm her handling Hospitality in July; Virginia in September, and Vicki in November.



NEXT BOARD MEETING:  Wednesday, July 11, 2007, following noon game.


                                                                                    Respectfully submitted,



Diana Schilling