May 9, 2007



CALL TO ORDER:  The meeting was called to order by president Ken Llacera at 3:45p.m. in the Santa Cruz Bridge Center. 


PRESENT:  Ken Llacera, Elena Laborde-Bishop, Mary Peterson, Nancy Driscoll, Carol Maggipinto,  Dick Wasserstrom, Charlie Pender.  ABSENT:  Virginia LeRoy, Barbara Shepardson, Joyce Martin and Nancy Wainer.


APPROVAL OF MINUTES:  The Minutes of the April 11, 2007 board meeting were approved. (In Virginia LeRoy’s absence, Ken Llacera served as Secretary for the May board meeting).




Rising Stars 299er Sectional - Nancy Driscoll provided an in-depth review, including suggestions for future Rising Stars sectionals.  Highlights: 

·          Make sandwiches on Saturday rather than have people go off-site.

·          Clock for session timing and keeping the pace.

·          Don’t use “TBA” on flyers; Do put a small map

·          Verify the computer is working (and will likely continue to work)


Nancy created a workbook for the next chair of the Rising Stars 299er Sectional. It is located in the green filing cabinet.


The Board praised Nancy’s management of the sectional, including the excellent financial results.


Surf’s Up (Open) Sectional  - Dick Wasserstrom reported that the dates for the sectional are now confirmed: October 13 and 14. He will undertake mailing the flyers to other area clubs in August. Mary Peterson volunteered to transport 300 copies of the flyers to Sacramento for hand-off to Calvin. He will take them to all the tournaments leading up to the Surf’s Up Sectional.  The corrected version of the flyer is to be uploaded to the web site. Nancy Boyd is the Director. Tom Quinlan will be the. second director; Dick has confirmed hotel rooms for both directors. Charlie Pender agreed to transport the club’s tables to the site on Friday before.


The Board approved 4 trophies donated by Mark Hasey for the Surf’s Up Sectional: one each for Stratified Open (total of two sessions), I/N (total of two sessions), Stratified Swiss, and 299 Stratified Swiss. The trophies are to stay with the club with the winners names engraved on them.


Mary advised that she will be hosting a private party for people traveling from Fresno on Saturday night.




SCBC Volunteer Day at NABC – Don Seldeen has accepted the position of chair for the Unit Volunteer Day at the nationals in San Francisco. Don will be attending board meetings and reporting on his committee.


Parking Stripes – Ken reported that A & B Sweeping had not responded to a request for a bid for repainting of the parking lot stripes and handicap logos and designations for  Directors and member parking.  Ken will follow up with A & B Sweeping and report back next month.


Spring Bridge Luncheon    Mary Peterson reported on the extremely successful Spring Bridge Luncheon. There were 28 new players, most of whom never came to a game at SCBC, who attended the luncheon and bridge game on April 19.  Muriel Prolo chaired the committee which worked diligently to attract experienced bridge players in the Santa Cruz county area to SCBC.  The cost of the event was mostly underwritten by members of the committee, with some expenses being paid by the SCBC marketing budget. 


Expense Sharing Agreement – Discussion of this agreement was deferred to the next meeting. 


Penalty Assessment – Ken stated that he had written a letter on behalf of the club to Mark Hasey regarding complaints received from players who have been assessed penalties by Mark without being notified. No further action is planned at this time.






eMail Implementation – The online directory and eMail system went live on April 18; Ken reported that 30+ members had already accessed the system and signed-up for electronic delivery of the newsletter.





Treasurer Resignation - Vicki Kuhlmann resigned from the Board for personal reasons. The Board accepted her resignation and expressed appreciation for the work she has done in setting up automated payments for the club and the new Quicken reports.


There was a motion and unanimous approval of the following:

·          The appointment of Lois Henry to the Board to fill out Vicki Kuhlmann’s term and assume the position of Unit Treasurer. 

·          The club’s signatories on the checking account at Union Bank will now be the president, Ken Llacera and the treasurer, Lois Henry.


In Vicki absence, Ken presented the April Income/Expense Statement, which showed a $2,188.90 loss in April and a $1,065.11 loss year-to-date.  Mary asked for an explanation of the loss, since it is much larger than expected.  Ken pointed out that interest generated in March and April was not recorded in this report, but he felt strongly it should have been recorded. Since the club’s investments generated approximately $2,500 of interest that was received into the club’s accounts during these two months, the report should show a year-to-date profit of  approximately $1,100.  Ken said he would resolve this question of interest and report back to the Board next meeting.


Ken showed the Budget versus Actual report which assists the Board in determining how the financial results are tracking against the original budget and plan. This report did show a year-to-date “profit” of $1,124, which is mostly due to Rising Stars sectional and the Club Improvement Fund, this latter may not correctly be called “income”.


Ken reported back on the issue of how to report the club’s unrealized investment gains and losses. After conferring with a CPA, a CFO, and Wayne Boss (ex-Treasurer and ex-President), the following approach was suggested as best: report interest or dividend interest in the period received. This will result in running a deficit for the year; the membership will need to understand that the investment gains, if any are realized at the end of the year during reallocation, will offset the deficit. 




Membership – Mary will check with the ACBL on the Honorary Life Master designation to determine if any of our members qualify.  Mary and Ken will review the LM plaques and reconcile them with the online Hall of Fame.


Facilities – Ken reported that both the thermostat and the light timers had been reset and now were on the correct schedule. These may need further adjustment due to DST changes.


NEXT BOARD MEETING:  Wednesday, June 13, 2007, following noon game. The meeting was adjourned at 5:10 p.m.


                                                                                    Respectfully submitted,



Ken Llacera
(for Virginia LeRoy)