October 12, 2007




CALL TO ORDER:  The meeting was called to order by president Ken Llacera at 2:40pm at the Santa Cruz Bridge Center. 


PRESENT:  Nancy Driscoll, Elena Laborde-Bishop, Ken Llacera, Carol Maggipinto, Joyce Martin, Mary Peterson, Diana Schilling, Don Seldeen, & Dick Wasserstrom.  ABSENT: Lois Henry, Charlie Pender, Barbara Shepardson, & Nancy Wainer


APPROVAL OF MINUTES:  Minutes of the September 8, 2007 board meeting were approved. These minutes are still DRAFT until approved at the November Board of Director’s meeting.



Surf’s Up Sectional  - October 13-14. Dick discussed last minute preparations.


Rising Stars 299er Sectional - March 8-9, Simpkins Swim Center. Nancy Driscoll will co-chair with Mary who will accept phone inquiries. Trophies will be awarded to overall first place winners within the 0-99 bracket, Saturday only. Mary Peterson revised the flier and Ken will post it to the website.


SCBC Volunteer Day at NABC – Don Seldeen prepared transportation information and ride sharing sign-ups, which are now posted on the bulletin board. Copies of public transportation schedules will also be available at the club. Don will contact volunteers as to when they can work a shift (am or pm).




The Income/Expense & Budget will be posted after reviewed by Ken.

Carol motioned that we execute the year-end reallocation in a timely manner within the month of October. Elena seconded the motion, and all approved.



Club Owner’s Meeting – Mary attended. . . and asked the club owners and their players to donate red poinsettias during the month of December to add to the holiday decorations, which Mary will install on Sunday, December 2.  Anyone who chooses to make a donation of a poinsettia is welcome to take it home on December 31. 
     . . .  The memoriams honoring Bernie Bertonis will remain in place on the Directors' bulletin board at the Bridge Center and on the SCBC website until the Monday following the Open Sectional (approximately 2 weeks after Bernie's death.). Likewise the website notices for Bernie will be removed after our Sectional.


2008 Unit Elections – Unit elections will be finalized at the November 10 Unit Game, followed by a brief annual club meeting. This will allow time for an organizational meeting of new board members prior to December. Ken will distribute current definitions of board member positions. Each individual currently holding that position is asked to review and suggest modifications. The November 14 board meeting will organize new board members and attempt to clearly define position responsibilities.


A member of the club questioned the possible impropriety of a club director serving on the board. After reviewing section 7.4 of Unit 550’s Bylaws, it was agreed that Nancy Driscoll does not qualify as an “interested person” and may serve as a member of the board.


Positions of Forum Editor & Newsletter Publisher need to be filled. Ken will invite Jean Boss to attend our November meeting.




Membership – Mary will update all plaques with recent winners.


Facilities – Charlie

a. The grease trap closure is next priority. John Hadley is making arrangements.

b. Ken will ask permission of the owner to remove part of the fence and arrange a new location for the garbage cans.

c. Roof leak – Ken

d. Cigarette disposal solution


Club Improvement Fund – It was agreed to modify the skylight (slats to regulate winter sun), & to purchase a floor fan out of the $385.00 remaining in the fund. Charlie will keep construction costs below $150, and will locate a floor fan.


Hospitality – November 10th Unit game is designated “Director Appreciation”. All Directors are invited to play for free. Mary is managing the hospitality. Ken will announce results of the election.


Web – It was agreed Ken will post minutes prior to formal approval, but after changes to the initial draft have been completed. It will clearly state they are draft minutes only.




99er Game – Nancy Driscoll reports an average of 3 or 4 tables per game.


Expense Sharing Agreement – Possible revisions of the Expense Sharing Agreement between the SCBC Board of Directors and the Club Owners will be addressed by the incoming Board.  No further action will be taken at this time.


District Elections – We did not conduct our vote correctly & our choices will not be counted.


Dolores Abrams Game Qualifications – Mary Peterson offered to put together a narrative of Dolores’s history, and to write the rules and qualifications for the game.


NEXT BOARD MEETING:  A brief annual meeting, Saturday, November 10, following the Unit Game. A full board meeting is Wednesday, November 14, 2007, after the game.


Respectfully submitted



Diana Schilling