Minutes of  Board of Directors’ Meeting

American Contract Bridge League of Santa Cruz Unit 550, Inc.

April 9, 2008


Call to order: President Mary Peterson called the meeting to order April 9, 2008 at 3:40 p.m. at the Santa Cruz Bridge Center.


Present:  Mary Peterson, Nancy Driscoll, John Hadley, Carol Maggipinto, Charlie Pender, Don Seldeen, Bonnie Simon, Jeanne Boss.  Absent:  Hal Rodgers.  Also attending: Sherry Gilbreath, and Jonnie Faircrest.


Approval of March Minutes: It was moved by Carol Maggipinto, seconded by John Hadley and approved unanimously to accept the minutes of the March 12, 2008 board meeting.


President’s Report:

2009 299’r Sectional – Mary Peterson and Jane Jennings will co-chair; Nancy Driscoll will handle partnerships.  Hal Rodgers will request a tournament sanction from ACBL.  The site is not yet set.

New Player Lessons  -The new player lessons were very successful.  There were 22 “graduates”, 12 of whom joined ACBL.  In addition to a subsidy of $132 for the partial cost of newspaper ads announcing the beginner series, the board also provided a team of volunteers to assist at each of the ten lessons, a graduation cake, certificates of completion, and “Welcome to Duplicate” booklets for each of the graduates.  This supports the board’s goal of recruiting new players.

Board Training - The expense sharing subcommittee is reviewing the agreement and will have a report for the board soon.


Treasurer’s Report:  It was moved by Bonnie Simon, seconded by John Hadley and approved unanimously to accept the treasurer’s report.


Old Business:   

Surf’s Up Open Sectional – Pam Benz has confirmed five sponsors for the Surf’s Up Open Sectional.  They are:  Surf City Plumbing, JC Heating and Air Conditioning, Pasatiempo Cellars, The Fish Lady, and Michaels on Main.

Pick-a-Square lottery -  John Hadley presented the lottery program to the board.  $5/per square x 100 squares; payoff of $175, $50 and $25 to be made when the board is filled.  John will write up a procedure for buying the squares, the payoff and the responsibilities for collecting the money.  He will work with Ken Llacera on getting out an announcement.  At this time, it is planned to introduce the lottery at the May unit game.

“Friends of SCBC” – no report.


New Business:

Correspondence - A letter was received suggesting that future personnel issues not be included in the board minutes but be conducted in executive session.  There was discussion as to the protocol for dealing with personnel issues.


SCBC Newsletter -   Mary read an email from Pam Benz expressing concern about content of the newsletter. There was much discussion on the purpose of the newsletter, e.g., a way to communicate information to members, schedules of games and lessons, news about members, welcome new players, something to give visitors and people who express interest in the bridge center.  Board members were asked to consider these issues and the topic was tabled until the next meeting.   In the meantime, Jonnie Faircrest and Nancy Driscoll will work on a brochure for new members/visiting players.

Unit Sponsored Lessons -  Nancy Driscoll reported that the first Defense class had 12 participants.

Maintenance – Of three maintenance companies contacted, one submitted an estimate of $897.00 to perform the necessary repairs and maintenance to the bridge center.  Charlie Pender asked for a prioritized list and he will take care of those items he can within the next month.

Beginner Lesson Subsidy – It was moved by John Hadley and seconded by Bonnie Simon and approved to provide $132 for Nancy Driscoll and Bill McIntosh to conduct another series of beginner lessons on Friday nights in June 2008.

SCBC Phone Directory – The newly published phone directory is already obsolete.  It would cost @ $75 to publish an addendum.  No action was taken.


Committee Reports

299’r Coordinator – Nancy Driscoll - see comments under President

By-Laws – Don Seldeen moved that the by-laws committee be eliminated since their review of the by-laws has been completed and their recommendation is that there be no change in the by-laws.  Seconded by Carol Maggipinto.  Approved.  Nays, Charlie Pender and Jeanne Boss.

Club Owners Liaison  Bonnie Simon reported that the club owners plan to publish a one-page newsletter covering their games & events.  A copy of the Club Owners current policy for use of the club for bridge lessons by non-club owners was given to the board president.  Nancy Driscoll asked Sherry Gilbreath if the lesson schedule could be put on the whiteboard that lists the games for the month.  She also asked if she could receive the new member forms from the owners so she could get contact information before they are sent to Ken Llacera to include in the member directory.

Education – Nancy Wainer - no report

Facilities – Charlie Pender - see comments under New Business

Finance – Ken Llacera – no report

Intermediate/Novice – Nancy Driscoll - no report

Hospitality – Mary Peterson reminded board of the up-coming unit game.  Bonnie Simon will provide lunch.  Carol Maggipinto will organize the award ceremony.

Membership – Carol Maggipinto has received a box of promotional material from ACBL that she will share with the directors.

Publicity – Bonnie Simon distributed a draft for a SCBC Publicity Plan to the board for discussion.  She requested that board members review the suggestions and add their comments to the draft and get back to her by e-mail.  Bonnie will be out of town for the May meeting.

 Sanctions – Hal Rodgers - no report

Special Projects – John Hadley - see comments under Old Business.  Mary thanked John for the many ways that he has helped out the bridge center

SCBC Website  - Ken Llacera - no report


Next Meeting:  Wednesday, May 14, 2008, 3:30 p.m. at SCBC


The meeting adjourned at 5:05 pm.


Respectfully submitted,



Jeanne Boss

Recording Secretary


Revised 4/28/08