American Contract Bridge League

Of Santa Cruz Unit 550, Inc.

 December 10, 2008


Call to Order: President Hal Rodgers, December 10, 2008, called the meeting to order at 3:40 pm at the Santa Cruz Bridge Center.


Present:  Jeanne Boss, John Hadley, Carol Maggipinto, Hal Rodgers, Don Seldeen, Bonnie Simon Absent:  Charlie Pender 

The president welcomed new board members: Pam Benz, Wayne Boss, Ken Llacera, Joanne Nelson, and Barry Samuel and thanked outgoing board members Carol Maggipinto, Bonnie Simon and Charlie Pender for their service to the Unit.

Also attending: Sherry Gilbreath, Nancy Wainer, Bill McIntosh and Nancy Driscoll


Approval of Minutes – Bonnie Simon moved to approve the minutes of the November 12, 2008 board meeting. Seconded by Carol Maggipinto.  Approved unanimously.


Old Business

Expense Sharing Agreement – The president announced that the expense sharing agreement has been signed.  Nancy Wainer will send a copy of the signed agreement to the board members.

December Unit Game  -  no action


New Business

Policy re Non-SCBA Club Owners - Nancy Driscoll presented a letter to the board stating her plans to conduct off site games and lessons and requesting information on the Unit’s policy for non-SCBA club owners and teachers.  Wayne Boss moved to form an ad hoc committee to address the Unit policy on off site games and advertising for external parties.  Seconded by Ken Llacera.  Approved unanimously.  Ad hoc committee:  Wayne Boss, Ken Llacera, Barry Samuel and Nancy Wainer (SCBA representative).  The findings of the ad hoc committee to be reviewed and discussed at the January 2009 board meeting.

Unit Officer Elections – Hal Rodgers was unanimously elected President of the Unit; John Hadley was unanimously elected First Vice President of the Unit.  Don Seldeen and Jeanne Boss agreed to continue as Treasurer and Secretary, respectively. 

Committees -  Hal distributed copies of the SCBC Board of Directors Committees and Support Functions and asked for volunteers to chair the vacant committees. (See listing below under Committee Reports).

District 21 Representatives – Bill McIntosh and Hal Rodgers will be the Unit Representatives to District 21.

Extra Unit Games – The following dates have been added to the calendar as extra Unit games:  Saturday, January 3, 2009 (Barometer game); Saturday, February 2, 2009 (Swiss Teams) and March 28, 2009 (beginning of Extended KO’s – flight C to start at Nancy Wainer’s Tuesday night game).  The Unit will obtain the conditions of the contract for extended knockouts.  The Club Owner Liaisons Committee Chairs (Hal Rodgers and Joanne Nelson) will meet with the club owners at least quarterly prior to preparation of the quarterly Unit Calendar to coordinate Unit games with the club owners.

Deficit Reduction Proposal -  Wayne Boss submitted a proposal to the board to address the current financial deficit and develop ways to increase revenue to the Unit. There was discussion of the board’s fiduciary responsibility and communication with the membership.    Barry Samuel moved to establish a subcommittee of the board to study the Unit’s current expenses and current financial situation and to report to the board at the January 2009 board meeting. Wayne Boss amended the motion to include a commitment to present the findings to the membership at a general meeting.  Seconded by Pam Benz.  Approved unanimously. Subcommittee to include:  Don Seldeen, Barry Samuel, Ken Llacera, Pam Benz and Wayne Boss.


Treasurer’s Report – It was moved by John Hadley and seconded by Carol Maggipinto to accept the Treasurer’s report for November 2008. Accepted unanimously.




299’r Coordinators – Bonnie Simon and Jane Jennings

By-Laws – Don Seldeen

Club Owners Liaison – Joanne Nelson and Hal Rodgers

Education Liaison – Nancy Wainer

Facilities – vacant

Finance – Ken Llacera

Forum editor – Susan Benich

Hospitality – vacant

Membership –  Joanne Nelson

Publicity –  vacant

Sanctions – Hal Rogers

Special Projects – John Hadley

Surf’s Up Sectional – Pam Benz

Webmaster – Ken Llacera


The meeting adjourned at 4:47 PM.


Next Meeting:  Friday, January 2, 2009 following the 10:30 game.


 (Note:  Board meetings will now be held on the first Friday of each month following the 10:30 game.)


Respectfully submitted,



Jeanne Boss

Recording Secretary