American Contract Bridge League

Of Santa Cruz Unit 550, Inc.

July 9, 2008


Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by President Mary Peterson July 9, 2008, at 3:35 pm at the Santa Cruz Bridge Center.


Present:  Jeanne Boss (until 5:00 pm), John Hadley, Carol Maggipinto, Charlie Pender, Mary Peterson, Nancy Driscoll, Don Seldeen,

Absent:  Bonnie Simon, Hal Rodgers

Also attending: Sherry Gilbreath, Ken Llacera (until 3:50 pm), Nancy Wainer


Approval of June Minutes – It was moved by Charlie Pender, seconded by Carol Maggipinto and approved unanimously to accept the minutes of the June 11, 2008 board meeting.


President’s Report:

2009 299’r “Rising Stars” Sectional  - Mary Peterson announced that the unit has a verbal agreement with Simpkins Swim Center to hold the 299’r Rising Stars Section on March 14 & 15, 2009.  When rates are finalized, Mary will bring the information to the Board for approval.

 “Ask the President” column  -  Mary reported that the initial response to the “Ask the President” column had been positive and asked that board members bring any member questions that appear to be of general interest to her and she will respond via the column.

SCBC Garden Improvements – Water run off and soil erosion problems in the garden require remedial action.  Mary volunteered to undertake a project this Fall to redo the borders and add bark or mulch to retain water in the soil.  She proposed a fund raiser to obtain the money rather than have the costs applied to the Unit budget.  Charlie volunteered to help Mary with the gardening work associated with this project.


Treasurer’s report – It was moved by Charlie Pender, seconded by Carol Maggipinto and approved unanimously to accept the treasurer’s report for June 2008.


New Business

District 21 Representative Election -  SCBC board members will vote at the September meeting on the District 21 Representative.  There are three nominations from the District, one of whom is Bill McIntosh.

Vanguard Investments - There was discussion of the need for future Treasurers to be able to use Quicken to coordinate the Vanguard investment account and the bank account.  Ken Llacera volunteered to teach future Treasurers to use Quicken.

Nominating Committee – Carol Maggipinto will chair the committee that will nominate SCBC members to replace SCBC Board members who will complete their terms at the end of this year.


Old Business

2008 “Surf’s Up” Open Sectional -  Mary read a report from Pam Benz, Chairperson of the Surf’s Up Sectional:  Forum advertisements will appear in August and September; the luncheon menu is finalized ($5.00/lunch); a draft of the banner has been prepared; flyers have been prepared and some have been distributed to other bridge clubs.  Mary thanked Pam and Pattie Palmer for their work on the sectional.

Pick-a-square lottery – The first Pick-a-Square lottery was held at the June 14th unit game was very successful.  There will be another lottery drawing at the July unit game.  After discussion, it was decided to not have the lottery drawing on a monthly basis.  It was moved by John Hadley, seconded by Charlie Pender and approved unanimously to have the next Pick-a-square lottery drawing at the September 2008 Unit game if the board is completely sold out.  Mary thanked John Hadley, Ken Llacera, Hal Rodgers and Don Seldeen for their work on this project.

ACBL Goodwill Member of the Year Nominations  Hal Rogers will coordinate the nomination process for SCBC.  The SCBC Board at the September board meeting will review nominations.

SCBC Informational Brochure - Nancy Driscoll gave a verbal description of a proposed brochure.  Mary will ask Bonnie Simon to work with Nancy Wainer to continue on this project and to bring a proposal to the Board.


Committee Reports

299’r Coordinator – Nancy Driscoll – no report

By-Laws – Don Seldeen, no report

Club Owners Liaison – Bonnie Simon absent, no report.

Education Liaison – Nancy Wainer reported that Bill’s Friday night game is drawing 12 – 14 people. Forty people attended Phil Rodriguez’s class on “Basic Play of the Hand”. Nancy will ask him to do another class directed at mid to advanced players.  Nancy’s Bridge Camp continues with good attendance.  She will be teaching a two week “2 Over 1” class in September.

Facilities – Charlie Pender reported that he plans to:  fix the skylight screen; replace the outside light over the front door; replace the circuit breaker that operates the light for the Bridge Center sign; and purchase a step ladder.  John Hadley will contact Soquel Creek Water District about the toilet upgrade program.

Finance – Ken Llacera, absent no report

Hospitality – Mary Peterson thanked Don Seldeen for his pasta lunch at the June unit game.

Membership – Carol Maggipinto, no report

Publicity – Bonnie Simon, absent, no report

Sanctions – Hal Rodgers, absent   Nancy Driscoll reported that as of January 1, 2009 the number of sanctioned games would increase from the current 16 to 24.  There are some sanctions outstanding for this year and there was discussion of ways to use these sanctions: increase unit games to twice a month; add an extra Saturday game; add twice a month Saturday Knockout or Swiss Team games. In addition, Nancy Wainer offered to make the Thursday afternoon game time available once a month.  Charlie Pender will contact the directors to see if they have any ideas on how to use the outstanding sanctions for 2008 and the new sanctions that will be available in 2009.

Special Projects – John Hadley, see above

Webmaster – Ken Llacera, absent no report


Adjournment toExecutive Session

At 4:28 pm the board adjourned to executive session to receive the report of the Use and Expense Agreement negotiating team. 


Next Meeting:  Wednesday, August 13, 2008, 3:30 p.m. at SCBC



Respectfully submitted,




Jeanne Boss

Recording Secretary