American Contract Bridge League

Of Santa Cruz Unit 550, Inc.

March 12, 2008



Call to Order: The meeting was called to order March 12, 2008, by President Mary Peterson at 3:40 pm at the Santa Cruz Bridge Center.


Present:  Jeanne Boss, Nancy Driscoll, John Hadley, Mary Peterson, Carol Maggipinto, Charlie Pender, Don Seldeen, Bonnie Simon   Absent:  Harold Rogers

Also attending: Pam Benz, Sherry Gilbreath, Bill McIntosh and Ken Llacera


Approval of Feb. Minutes – It was moved by John Hadley, seconded by Carol Maggipinto and approved unanimously to accept the minutes of the February 13, 2008 board meeting.


President’s Report:

299’r SectionalMary Peterson thanked Nancy Driscoll for her leadership, expertise, and hard work as the chair of the 2008 299’r sectional.  Mary thanked all the board members for their help with the 299’r sectional, particularly John and his crew who did the set up and all those who participated in welcoming the players, setting up, cleaning up, and hospitality.

Board Training  - Mary reviewed the nine goals that the board had established for 2008, indicating the status of each goal.  There has been a lot of activity toward achieving the education goal and all of the others are in progress and moving along satisfactorily.


Treasurer’s Report –.  It was moved by John Hadley, seconded by Carol Maggipinto and approved unanimously to accept the Treasurer’s report of 2/1/2008 thru 2/29/2008.


Friends of SCBC: Ken Llacera reported that the Finance committee is still working on founding this auxiliary or support group.  He expects to have a presentation and recommendation at the April board meeting.


Old Business:


“Rising Stars” 299’r Sectional – Nancy Driscoll reported that there were 84 ½  tables, and an estimated net profit of $1450.  She would like to see more local players in the future and asked that there be some way to get the phone numbers of new SCBC players so they could be called directly and invited to play.


 Dolores Abrams Memorial Game – After much discussion, it was moved by Carol Maggipinto and seconded by John Hadley to rescind the action of the February meeting requiring that participants be members of ACBL and unit 550 to participate in this game. Motion carried.  All players are eligible, unit 550 players will pay no table fee.


Newsletter – After a full and vigorous discussion of the February action by the board to discontinue the mailing of the newsletter after the next distribution, there was no change to the February decision. 


Outdoor electrical and skylight cover – Charlie Pender said that both projects would be completed by the next board meeting in April.


Pick-a-square lottery – It was moved by John Hadley and seconded by Don Seldeen that SCBC have a pick-a-square lottery fundraiser - $5.00 to purchase a square, with a drawing for payoff of $125, $50, and $25 when the board is full   Motion carried.   John and Don will finalize the details of implementation, promotion, placement of the lottery board, and initiation at the April unit game. Sherry suggested that the directors could collect and safeguard the money from purchase of the lottery squares similar to collecting the money for soft drinks.







New Business:


“Surf’s Up” Open Sectional – Pam Benz presented a sample of the proposed flyer to be used to promote the game.  It will not be distributed or posted on the website until the date for Homecoming at Harbor High has been finalized as this will impact the date for the sectional.  Pam announced that she has individual donors as well as corporate sponsors for four games to help defray the expenses of the game.  The 0 – 5 section will be taken off of the announcement as it does not appear that there will be enough 0 – 5 players to support a section.


 “Friends of SCBC” – Ken Llacera – see above


SCBC parking lot policy – It was moved by Mary and seconded by Nancy that parking in the SCBC parking spaces be reserved for those persons attending an SCBC function or having business to do at SCBC.  Motion passed.


Publicity Plan – Bonnie Simon – no report


Youth Bridge – Mary Peterson – A local teacher is interested in teaching her fifth grade class Bridge and has contacted SCBC for assistance.


Committee Reports

299’r Coordinator – Nancy Driscoll – A 299’r round table was held in late February.  Many good ideas were discussed and will be implemented during the coming year.

By-Laws - Don Seldeen  - The By-Laws committee has reviewed the current by-laws and finds that any changes would be minor and so recommends leaving the by-laws as they are.

Club Owner Liaison – Bonnie Simon - no report

Education – Nancy Wainer, not present, emailed a report regarding her activities (attached)

 Facilities – Charlie Pender – see above

Finance – Ken Llacera  - see above

Hospitality – Mary Peterson – Don will trade with Bonnie, who will do hospitality for the April meeting

Membership – Carol Maggipinto, no report

Publicity/FORUM/Newsletter - Bonnie Simon – see above 

Sanctions – Hal Rodgers  not present,  no report

Special Projects – John Hadley, no report

Webmaster -  Ken Llacera –  no report


Next Meeting:  Wednesday, April 9. 2008,  3:30 p.m. at SCBC.

The meeting adjourned at 5:30 pm.


Respectfully submitted,



Jeanne Boss

Recording Secretary


Attachment (email N. Wainer)