American Contract Bridge League

Of Santa Cruz Unit 550, Inc.

May 14, 2008



Call to Order: The meeting was called to order May 14, 2008, by President Mary Peterson at 3:30 pm at the Santa Cruz Bridge Center.


Present:  Jeanne Boss, John Hadley, Mary Peterson, Don Seldeen, Harold Rogers

Absent:  Nancy Driscoll, Carol Maggipinto, Charlie Pender, Bonnie Simon

Also attending: Pam Benz, Sherry Gilbreath, Jonnie Faircrest


Approval of April Minutes – It was moved by John Hadley, seconded by Don Seldeen and approved unanimously to accept the minutes of the April 9, 2008 board meeting.


President’s Report:

Letter of Complaint – The board has received another letter of complaint about one of the club owners.  Mary has responded to the letter and will follow up via letter with the concerned parties including the club owners.

2009 299’r “Rising Stars” Sectional site – The committee is still looking for a site for the tournament and will welcome suggestions from club members.  John Hadley will look into Jade Street Park in Capitola and Soquel High School as possibilities.

Unit Game Start Time – Directors would like the monthly unit game to start promptly at 12:00 noon and have asked board members responsible for hospitality to plan food service accordingly.

Special Meeting  - There will be a special meeting for board members only on Wednesday, May 21, 2008, 9:30 am.  Mary requested that all board members attend.


Treasurer’s Report –.  Don reported that SCBC had received an anonymous donation of $200 toward building maintenance.  Mary expressed the gratitude of the board for the donation. A formal treasurer’s report was not available, but will be provided later. (Note, report received via email and is attached to these minutes.) 


Old Business:


“Surf’s Up” Open Sectional Pam reported that due to possible conflict with school events, there is not a firm date for the “Surf’s Up” Open Sectional.  Flyers have been designed and will be distributed when the date is finalized.  Patty Palmer will co-chair the event with Pam.  Two large banners have been donated for the tournament.  Nancy Boyd will be the director for the tournament, with a second director to be announced.  Box lunches will be sold at the tournament for $5.00.

Pick-a-Square Lottery – John reported that the lottery was initiated at the May unit game and seems to be well received.  It is planned to draw the winning numbers at the June unit game if all squares are sold.

SCBC Newsletter – After discussion, it was decided that the recently published club owners’ newsletter should replace the SCBC newsletter.  It was moved by Don and seconded by John that the board discontinue publishing the quarterly SCBC newsletter but instead publish a calendar of games and lessons on a regular basis (quarterly or every four months if possible) to be available on the website and at the bridge center.  Passed unanimously.  Mary expressed the appreciation of the board on behalf of all SCBC members to Pam Benz for her three year span as editor of the SCBC newsletter and to Jonnie Faircrest for continuing as editor for the past two quarters. 


New Business:

SCBC members’ email list policy – After discussion, the board established a policy that would treat the member email list in its entirety as confidential.  It will be available exclusively to the board and to club owners to communicate SCBC information to members.  Individual members can use the “Look Up” feature on the SCBC website to obtain members’ email addresses one at a time to arrange for games, etc. The entire list will not be shared with anyone for commercial or personal purposes.  It was moved by Don and seconded by Hal that the complete SCBC member email address list be accessible to the board and to the club owners exclusively.  Passed unanimously.


Subsidized Toilets  - John reported that the Soquel Creek Water District has a program to subsidize low flow toilets.  John will contact the Water District and report back to the board on the feasibility of installing the low flow toilets at the bridge center.


Committee Reports

299’r Coordinator – Nancy Driscoll –  not present. Mary read an email from Nancy Driscoll: “1.)The newsletter by Nancy Wainer for the club owners was excellent and met the needs of the club owners and the players and should replace the unit newsletter.  The calendar should still be printed by the unit for pickup by non-email persons and persons dropping by the center.  However I would like to see that unit games or sponsored events or lessons be included in the club owners’ letter.  In the past the unit newsletter included club owners’ information so the club owners’ newsletter should include unit news in the future.  2.)  As the 299er coordinator I am a little puzzled why the lessons by everyone can’t be put on the white board.  Perhaps the board could obtain that answer from the education liaison.  3.) Bill’s Monday 49er game is drawing other players and averaging 4 tables.  He has placed an ad in the newspaper for the June lessons and has already signed up beginners for that class.  He also may start a 49er game at 9:30 am on the 4th Thursday of each month if there is enough interest.  So far some emails have been sent out and 18 people have shown a desire for the game.  There is a calling committee to notify those people who we don’t have emails for. A list of new members since the first of the year is on the 299er board.  5.) Defense lessons on Wednesday morning will take a break in May.  New lessons will start in June.  6.) Because of StaC week there was no separate section for the unit game.  Separate section for the 199ers in unit games to start again in June.  I am very optimistic for the new programs and new players participation.  It is a trend the unit board should continue to support.” 

By-Laws - Don Seldeen  - no report

Club Owners Liaison – Bonnie Simon  - not present (Per Sherry, there was no meeting.  In addition, Sherry gave Mary a draft proposal for a use fee for the bridge center for lessons.)

Education Liaison – Nancy Wainer, not present,  Nancy emailed a report regarding her activities “ Bridge Camp continues to be successful and I will also be sponsoring a workshop on Thursday June 26th featuring Phil Rodriguez speaking on ‘Play of the Hand – How to Improve Your Declarer Play and Make that Extra Trick’.  Workshop will be held 1 – 3 pm and audience will be NLMs and interested intermediates. Sign-up sheet is posted on the Club Owner’s Bulletin Board.  I have also recruited 2 more new members for ACBL – Louanne Ellison and Nancy Markovitz.”

Facilities – Charlie Pender , not present  Mary report that the inside light fixtures and the outside lights had been repaired.

Finance – Ken Llacera  - not present

Hospitality – Mary Peterson – Thanked Charlie for organizing the May pot luck at the unit game.  Don will host the June unit game.

Membership – Carol Maggipinto, not present, no report

Publicity/FORUM/Newsletter - Bonnie Simon, not present, no report 

Sanctions – Hal Rodgers – Reported sanctions are done through December 2008.  Per Sherry, there are no sanctions in the file.  Hal will look into it.

Special Projects – John Hadley, no report.

Webmaster -  Ken Llacera, not present,  no report


Next Meeting:  Wednesday, June 9. 2008,  3:30 p.m. at SCBC.

The meeting adjourned at 4:20 pm.


Respectfully submitted,



Jeanne Boss

Recording Secretary


Attachment: Treasurer’s report














April 2008



Income for April totaled $1,334 after a $100 deduction due to charges against income in prior months--$90 for expense related to 299er income, and $10 for expenses related to lessons.


The net income of $1,334 includes a $200 anonymous donation.


Expenses totaled $1,738 for a net loss of $404.  This is in line with the Unit’s budget which shows a monthly loss of $706.  The loss for the first four months of the year is $2,375 verses a budgeted loss of $2823


The market value of the investment portfolio was $348,237, down from $366,875 or a reduction of $18,438.  Of this amount, $3,360 was transferred to our bank account to cover expenses.


Donald Seldeen