Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting

American Contract Bridge League of Santa Cruz Unit 550, Inc.

January 16, 2008



Call to Order – President Mary Peterson called the meeting to order January 16, 2008 at 3:45 pm at the Santa Cruz Bridge Center.


Attendance – Present: Nancy Driscoll, Mary Peterson, Hal Rodgers, Bonnie Simon, Carol Maggipinto,  Don Seldeen, Charlie Pender. Also attending: Sherry Gilbreath, Ken Llacera & Pam Benz. Absent:  Jeanne Boss & John Hadley.


Pro Tem Secretary – In Jeanne’s absence, Pam Benz is taking minutes at this meeting. Diana Schilling will take minutes in February 2008.


Approval of December 2007 Minutes – Carol Maggipinto moved that the Board accept the minutes of the December 12, 2007 meeting. Motion carried.


Treasurer’s Report – Don Seldeen announced that the report is in progress. He presented a proposed budget for 2008, which forecasts a deficit of $11,688 less dividend income and non-budgeted new fundraising income. The budget was approved as submitted. Don provided a sample Income/Expense report and requested feedback from board members on how they would like this monthly Quicken data reported. Don provided Reimbursement Request forms for board members who incur expenses. He reported that a Unit game report procedure has been worked out with club owners.


Donation of Bid Box Inserts – Mary Peterson thanked our anonymous donor for the generous gift of new bid box inserts for 16 tables.


Club Owner’s Representative – Mary announced that Sherry Gilbreath will attend board meetings as representative of the club owners.


Revenue Task Force – A group headed by Ken Llacera and including Bob Vatuone, Don Seldeen and Mary Peterson, is tasked with increasing our 2008 revenue by $2500 (not related to table income). This group will meet separately to move forward with this task.


Joint Meeting with Club Owners on Marketing – The board and club owners will meet to formulate a marketing strategy for 2008.


Outdoor Lighting – Mary, Charlie and Nancy are installing additional lighting for the Bridge Center sign located at the driveway. An electrician will put electrical components underground as much as possible.


Old Business

Garbage Can/Garden Project – Jack Simon and Jerry Goodell are working to improve the look of the area where the garbage cans are stored. 


Expense Sharing Agreement with Club Owners – An Ad Hoc Committee chaired by Susan Slinger will work with club owners to revise the 2002 Expense Sharing Agreement. The committee includes Nancy Driscoll, Hal Rodgers, Don Seldeen, Mary Peterson and Ken Llacera.


Advertising Subsidy – Hal Rodgers moved that because it is the goal of the Board to recruit new players and because club owner Bill McIntosh placed an effective ad in local newspapers resulting in more than 60 calls and more than 40 students, his request for reimbursement for out-of-pocket advertising expenses for the January beginner lessons should be granted. Therefore, $132 (which represents the remaining 25% of the advertising cost not covered by the ACBL advertising subsidy) should be paid to Bill McIntosh from the Unit. This is a one-time-only reimbursement. Any future requests for advertising subsidy will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Motion carried.


January Unit Game – Mary announced that the January Unit game was a success and thanked host Hal Rodgers. Net profit to the Unit was $315. Mary reminded the board that the signup sheets for a Unit game must be delivered to the game director before the game. Sherry was thanked for running a complicated 2-section game. Ken mentioned that the game directors need a procedure for scoring two sections. 4 ½ tables arrived for the new 199er section. One pair graciously consented to move up, making an even 14-table total. It is the sense of the board that the game director should encourage this at future Unit games to ensure even tables in both sections, when possible.


New Telephone Directory and Member Lookup Service – Ken is about to reprint our telephone directory. Including email addresses was evaluated and rejected in favor of allowing Unit members (ONLY) to request another member’s phone and/or email address via our website. Members can opt out if they do not want their email address or phone number available online to other Unit 550 members.


New Business

Newsletter Delivery – Carol Maggipinto moved that the Unit stop mailing our quarterly newsletters after the next delivery. The next newsletter will announce that members can receive their newsletter via email or by picking up a printed copy at the Bridge Center. This will save labor as well as postage, printing, labeling and other costs, starting with the 3rd quarter of 2008. Motion carried.


Anti-Bacterial Soap Dispensers – Ken Llacera is donating dispensers to be placed throughout the club filled with anti-bacterial soap. This should help us stay healthy, especially during flu season.

Free Sentinel Announcement – Ken Llacera contacted the Santa Cruz Sentinel’s bridge columnist, Philip Alder, who has agreed to print the following notice beneath the bridge column each day: The Santa Cruz Bridge Center welcomes new players for duplicate bridge every day.  Go to www.santacruzbridge.org.

Dolores Abrams Memorial Game Qualifications After a brief discussion about the qualifications for players and plaque award winners at the annual Dolores Abrams Memorial Game, it was decided to take no action at this time. The issue was tabled for further discussion.


Checking Account Privileges – Hal Rodgers moved that the Unit allow the president and the treasurer signing privileges for our checking account. Motion carried.


Investment Account Privileges – Hal Rodgers moved that the Unit allow the president, the treasurer and the chair of the Finance Committee to transfer moneys from our Vanguard account to the SCBC checking account. The board must approve all transactions within the investment account except for transfers to the SCBC checking account. Two signatures are now required on any action within the Vanguard account except for: (a) transfers to the SCBC checking account; (b) exchange of one Vanguard fund for another; and (c) automatic reinvestment of fund dividends. Motion carried.


Bonding – Hal Rodgers moved that the Unit not bond the president, the treasurer, nor the chair of the Finance Committee due to the built-in protections described above. Motion carried.


Free Plays – Carol Maggipinto moved that game directors have new players who pay to play in an ACBL-sanctioned game fill out a contact form so that our president can send them a welcome letter. The welcome letter will serve as a free play pass for a future game. Motion carried. The game director who receives the free play letter and grants the free play must pass the letter to the 299er coordinator and thence to the treasurer, who will reimburse the game director. The president will also send a welcome/free play letter to players who transfer into Unit 550 or newly join ACBL at our Unit (evidenced in the In/Out reports from ACBL). The Webmaster will keep a list of recipients of welcome/free play letters to avoid duplication.


Free Plays for Game Director Appreciation – The board discussed how to honor game directors for their service annually. This issue was tabled for further discussion.


Signups and No Shows – Nancy Driscoll, 299er Coordinator, would like people who sign up for a Unit game to notify the game director if they cannot attend so that the space is available to others. Each unit board signup sheet will request the courtesy of a call to the game director in case of cancellation.


Soft Drink/Water Bottles in Frig – Charlie Pender, Facilities Chair, purchases the drinks, stocks the donated refrigerator and periodically collects the money from the game directors. No profit is made and no money accrues to the Unit. This is a volunteer task and the board is grateful to Charlie for the service.


Committee Reports

299er Coordinator – Nancy Driscoll. No report.

299er Sectional – Nancy Driscoll. No report.

Club Owner Liaison – Bonnie Simon. No report.

Education – Nancy Wainer. Not present, no report

Facilities – Charlie Pender. Not present, no report.

Finance – Ken Llacera. Already covered in these minutes.

Hospitality – Mary Peterson announced that the February Unit game theme will be Valentine’s Day.

Membership – Carol Maggipinto. No report.

Publicity/FORUM/Newsletter - Bonnie Simon. No report. Mary asked Bonnie to look into a community activities page on the Sentinel’s website with an eye to including our games and lessons.

Sanctions – Hal Rodgers reported that game sanctions are current to March.  He will do the sanction for the sectional in October.

Special Projects – John Hadley. Not present, no report.

SCBC Website  - Ken Llacera. Already covered in these minutes.

Surf’s Up Sectional – Pam Benz reported that the Facility use application and $20 deposit were submitted to Pat Wall at Harbor High School. The sectional is currently scheduled for October 11/12 but the date may change if Harbor High School needs the facility for Homecoming. We won’t know until June.


Next Meeting – Wednesday, January 16, 2008, 3:30 p.m. at SCBC.


Adjournment – The meeting was adjourned at 6:15 pm.




Respectfully submitted,


Pam Benz

Pro Tem Secretary