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Santa Cruz Virtual Club
Santa Cruz,CA 95062
Masterpoint Winners
Click Sat AM (10/23) for complete results.
Partnership (Open) Pct Rank MP
Liesel Sabloff-Shirley Llacera 66.67 1st C 1.00
Unknown -Unknown 56.25 2nd A 0.70
Susan Slinger-Jim Slinger 54.17 3rd A 0.50
Kristin Smith-Sydney Reuben 52.08 2nd C 0.39
Lani Ray-Ken Gamble 50.00 3rd B 0.28
Masterpoint Winners
Click Fri AM (10/22) for complete results.
Partnership Pct Rank MP
Jeff Belden - Neil Joseph Smyth 62.80 1st OA 2.48
Carol Avenmarg - Lani Ray 54.17 2nd OA 1.86
Ken Gamble - Ken Llacera 53.27 3rd OA 1.40
Barbara Black - Donna Badawi 52.98 1st OB 1.52
Annemarie Moller - John Hullman 51.79 2nd OB 1.14
Robert Johnson - Steven Smith 51.49 3rd OB 0.86
Dorothy Malutta - Phyllis Cramblet 50.30 4th OB 0.64
Jacci Sterling - Shirley Llacera 49.70 3rd SA 0.35
Masterpoint Winners
Click Thu Eve (10/21) for complete results.
Partnership (Open) Pct Rank MP
Unknown -Margareta Hodzic 60.00 1st A 0.60
Greg Gauthier-John Stremel 58.75 1st B 0.42
Angie Millslagle-Unknown 56.25 1st C 0.22
Masterpoint Winners
Click Wed Aft (10/20) for complete results.
Partnership Pct Rank MP
John Walker - Ken Gamble 56.00 1st OA 1.90
Liesel Sabloff - Rachael Spencer 55.00 2nd OA 1.43
Annemarie Moller - Marilyn Diola 51.00 2nd SB 0.22
Masterpoint Winners
Click Tue Eve (10/19) for complete results.
Partnership (Open) Pct Rank MP
Renee Flint-Janet Loops 62.96 1st C 0.64
Ralph Lyle-Joanne Gitner 57.41 2nd A 0.45
Unknown -Unknown 56.48 3rd A 0.32
Lester Loops-Tom Burke 50.00 2nd B 0.34
Masterpoint Winners
Click Tue AM (10/19) for complete results.
Partnership Pct Rank MP
Joanne Bruno - John Hullman 60.19 1st OA 2.19
Neil Joseph Smyth - Richard Wasserstrom 56.94 2nd OA 1.64
Lani Ray - Liesel Sabloff 56.02 3rd OA 1.23
Ken Llacera - Mick Friedberg 55.56 4th OA 0.92
John Oppenheimer - John Wesolowski 53.24 2nd OB 0.92
Masterpoint Winners
Click Mon Eve (10/18) for complete results.
Partnership (Open) Pct Rank MP
John Walker-Jonni Faircrest 65.00 1st A 0.60
Susan Dietz-Margareta Hodzic 60.00 1st B 0.42
Mike Modest-Lester Loops 56.25 1st C 0.22
Masterpoint Winners
Click Mon Aft (10/18) for complete results.
Partnership Pct Rank MP
Pamela Benz - Thomas Burke 61.90 1st OA 2.04
Heather MacGregor - James Slinger 59.52 2nd OA 1.53
Ann Ottenberg - April Johnston 58.33 3rd OA 1.15
Jeff Belden - Rachael Spencer 47.62 2nd OB 0.92
Bruce Dau - Jim Martin 40.48 1st SC 0.24
Masterpoint Winners
Click Sat AM (10/16) for complete results.
Partnership (Open) Pct Rank MP
Unknown -Unknown 59.72 1st A 1.00
Liesel Sabloff-Shirley Llacera 55.56 1st C 0.70
Lani Ray-Ken Gamble 54.17 2nd B 0.50
Pam Benz-John Oppenheimer 53.47 3rd B 0.35
Rich Hill-Jeff Belden 46.53 2nd C 0.22
Masterpoint Winners
Click Fri AM (10/15) for complete results.
Partnership Pct Rank MP
Ken Gamble - Ken Llacera 63.55 1st OA 2.33
Jacci Sterling - Shirley Llacera 58.85 2nd OA 1.75
Carol Avenmarg - Lani Ray 56.94 3rd OA 1.31
Dorothy Malutta - Phyllis Cramblet 53.13 2nd OB 1.07
Diana Schilling - Joanne Bruno 50.52 3rd OB 0.80
Mary Pulliam - Salvatore Turano Jr 47.92 4th OB 0.60
Masterpoint Winners
Click Thu Eve (10/14) for complete results.
Partnership (Open) Pct Rank MP
Unknown -Unknown 58.75 1st A 0.60
Jackie Hiatt-Susan Dietz 52.50 1st B 0.36
Gail Matthews-Jonni Faircrest 52.50 2nd A 0.36
Unknown -Robert Johnson 48.75 1st C 0.22
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Pro-Am 2nd & 4th Thursdays Begins 10/28 @ 10A

This twice a month F2F game has pairs with one or both players less than 500MPs. Afterwards, one of SCBC's top players will review hands and take your questions.

These games feature extra points. Table fees remain at $5.

If you need a partner or are a "Pro" available to play, please contact us at

Santa Cruz Lifts Mask Mandate; SCBC Follows Suit

Santa Cruz County lifted the indoor mask mandate on September 29; masks are now optional while in the bridge center.

All players and directors must be vaccinated and bring proof at their first instance returning to the SCBC. Proof may be the vaccination card, a photo of same, or a screen shot of the revelant portion of their immunization record.

Face-2-Face (F2F) games are weekdays at 10A (Tuesdays and Fridays) and 12 Noon (Mondays and Wednesdays). There are also six games on BBO during the week. The SCBC online calendar shows which games are F2F and those which are on BBO.

No food or snacks is provided. For games beginning at 10A, there is a short lunch break around noon. Food may not be consumed at the bridge tables while play is underway. Coffee, water and a limited assortment of soft drinks ($1) are provided and may be consumed at the bridge tables.

Unit 550 Eliminates Premium Game Extra Fees

Beginning February, 2021, additional charges for SCBC vClub games will be absorbed by the Unit. Prior to this Unit Board decision, games such as Silver Week, had an extra $2 table fee because the ACBL raised their charge per table.

Virtual Clubs on BBO

Some games are conducted online as an ACBL Virtual Club (vClub) on BBO. Here's a document with details about our vClubs and how to register on BBO.

Face-To-Face (F2F) game schedule changes; please review the Game Calendar.

vClubD i r e c t o r
BBO Name
Santa Cruz Ken Gamble
(831) 600-6184
Finesse Mary Pulliam
(831) 295-2051
Scratch Jonni Faircrest
(831) 531-8375
Santa Cruz Ken Llacera
(831) 426-4949

Results may not be posted for up to 1 hour after game.
Official masterpoints awards are provided by ACBL.

Unit 550 Mission: The Santa Cruz Bridge Center (SCBC), Unit 550 of the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL), promotes the game of bridge, supports bridge clubs running both Face-2-Face (F2F) games at the bridge center and on (BBO), and provides a pleasant, fun environment for learning and playing bridge. On BBO, our games are termed "vClub" because they can be found within the Virtual Club section. We would be pleased to assist you getting on BBO to enjoy our games.

Game Calendar & Schedules: There are games at the SCBC and on BBO throughout the week. Some are open to players of all levels, termed "Open Games", while others are reserved for newcomers, novice and/or intermediate players. Contact us at with questions or partner requests. Clicking Schedule lists the regular schedule. Clicking Calendar displays game time, level, table fee for games and classes.

Game Results: Click Results in the left side menu bar or on the results logos in the table to the right or on the suit symbols / in the Game Calendar.

Masterpoints & Game Winners: Significant bridge accomplishments by our members are found under Accolades; including a listing of all SCBC Life Masters.

If you have any questions about games, lessons, or the SCBC, send us an email at

We look forward to you at the tables!

Your Unit 550 Board of Directors